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Good News for the Pokharelis !

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According to rumors making circulations here in Pokhara, the Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan Office is to allow construction of houses/buildings upto 5 storey tall (50 feet high)! Confirmations haven’t yet been made but if this turns out to be true, it will be a huge sigh of relief to  many those who have already invested millions in houses and buildings that are already in their construction phase.

And Great News for those who are planning to invest lump sums of money on tall buildings/houses or even Hotels ! The verdict is said to come out by the end of Bhadra 2072.


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Following the devastating earthquake of April 25 and subsequent aftershocks, the Government had stopped issuing construction permits for new houses and buildings, and had kind of declared  a ban on construction of tall houses and buildings across the country. Though the government had said that it would stop issuing such permits until the end of 2014/15 to frame new building code and other necessary policies and regulations for building construction, it has yet to come up with such codes. And in such circumstances, this news does come as a joy to many enthusiastic Property Investors/Developers.
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